Thursday, January 24, 2008

Greatest Show on Earth...

I remember as a kid this recurring nightmare where Grandpa and Grandma took Amy and me to the Wringling Brothers circus at the old Salt Palace and the lions got loose and started charging up the stands and attacking people. In the dream I was left to fight off the lions with a light-up baton and noise maker, which, in my dream, worked pretty well vs. the lions.

As you can see w/the below pics of wifey's new Naval maternity uniform, "the Circus is in Town"... meaning she's now wearing a tent to work.

The big news for us is that Brooklyn is potty training. I have the week off from work, so a convenient time to get this ball rolling. I have no idea what the hell I'm doing, and neither does Brooklyn, so we're quite the dynamic duo. Brittiny has steered clear of most of the chaos as she has been at work all week.

This morning we're at the store and she suddenly calls out to me from a toy aisle: "Daddy, I need a go to a potty right now."

I reach down to pick her up and correct her: "No, Brooklyn, by the looks of your pants and sopping-wet shoes you probably don't need to "go to a potty" for at least a while now."

Then in the restroom whilst changing her pee and dukie-soaked clothes I told her:

"Now Brooklyn, you're a big girl and need to let me know when you need to go potty and no matter where we are I'll get you a potty."

"No Daddy, I jus' poop and pee in my panties and you get me new ones and wipe my bum and clean the poop."

So I say: "If you don't poop and pee in the potty then you'll have to wear diapers like a little baby forever. You're not okay with that, are you?"

Brookers replies: "Yeah, I okay with dat, Daddy. Actually, I know how a wear the diapers and be like a baby."

I guess even toddlers fear change. And that's pretty much how things have gone these last three days. I am now grateful that we sprang for the leather couches, which are easier to clean than fabric - don't ask. Kids are disgusting.

Brittiny, Brooklyn and Mindy went for a hike in the foothills around Phoenix. You can see a large Saguaro cactus in the background. These things are everywhere. They are also federally protected, like the Amish, but not opposed to electric appliances, unlike the Amish.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's a....

Boy!... The ultrasound guy was sure he saw "the parts that make the baby a boy."

The Epperson line shall survive me, pressure's off.

Brooklyn tells me the baby's name is Jake. Or Jaxen. She also informed me that her little brother cost sixteen dollars. Actually, if he's born in the hall like she was then he might be free. Here's to hoping that we make it to the hospital this time.

Brittiny and I now begin the agonizing process of choosing a baby name... open for suggestions.

You know, if someone asks you if you're ticklish, it doesn't matter what you say - they're going to touch you... I guess you could say, "I have explosive diarrhea."

Friday, January 11, 2008


Brittiny and I went to the OB's office today for her 18 week ultrasound. All is healthy with our little squirt, who was squirming around in there throughout the entire exam.

We found out the sex of the baby, but haven't told anyone yet. And we're not telling you yet, either. Instead, take a look at the ultrasound below and tell me what gender the arrows are indicating:
So, whaddya think?

Sunday, January 06, 2008

So the last couple of days I had toast...

it tasted funny - not bad, just a little off. I have been wondering what was up but thought it must be the bread. So I bought new bread. Then the next day my toast still tasted funny, so I thought it might be the jelly. I bought new jelly, but the toast still tasted funny. Then I took a closer look at my butter dish and noticed some funky green mold... and a familiar and nasty smell. Case closed.

To celebrate the New Year we drove up to Salt Lake City to see the family. As always, it was great to see the family and friends. Below are some pics:

Here is a shot of cousin Jaxen, Brent, Brookers and Sheree (aka Bunni). We all hung out at the Newgate mall. Brooklyn missed her Bunni a lot.

Here Brooklyn flares her nostrils and spins a pirate ship wheel at a local Yuman park. This park was probably the coolest park in Yuma. I realize none of you have ever been to Yuma so the comparison means nothing... but still...

Santa brought Brooklyn a sweet little tricycle for Christmas. It's pretty well-built.

The first in a few closeups of our tree. This "E" ornament we got a few years back at the Enron fire-sale. Kidding, it stands for "Epperson".

We hung stocking over the fireplace, which was pretty stupid since "Santa" brough us each a couple of loosely wrapped chocolate bars. Christmas morning was ruined for everyone: Brittiny spent an hour cleaning up chocolate from the tile grout, and I had to listen to her complain about it.

Here's Uncle Doug, chillin' with Brooklyn. He flew in from Iowa, missing the political caucuses. And from what I've heard, a caucus is even dirtier than the word implies.

Here is Brooklyn with her long lost Connecticut boyfriend, Henry Idone. It was great to hookup with the Idones for breakfast whilst in Ogden.

We took Brooklyn to her first movie, the Bee Movie. She loved it. Especially the part where we let her drink a Root Beer and eat popcorn.