Sunday, September 20, 2009

"The Garden State"...

may not be the way I would describe Jersey. But perhaps when early colonists settled the banks of the Passaic River all of the good names for Industrial Sepsis were taken. They did name a town Peapack, however.

Anyway, we're settled in Jersey and the wife has hopefully finished buying IKEA furniture to make our rental look like home.

Brady examines a gord at a local farmer's market. "Farmer's Market" is an old Iriquois term meaning "clever ploy to sell unwashed vegetables to yuppy's at above-market prices."

Brooklyn makes nice with a couple of pumpkins, naming them Orangy and Pumpky. Wonder if she'll cry when I slice those beasts open and cut out their guts all over the kitchen table.

Here are a few more pumpkins, unaware of the horrible end they each shall meet.

Kickin' around the Pumpkin Patch. Man, kids are a lot of work.

Brooklyn never smiles when we want her to. I'm told her behavior should improve drastically as she approaches her tween years.

Here's Bear-Bear checking on some produce. He can be pretty intense when he's exploring.

That's about it for us... Nonny & Poppa, welcome to Jersey next week!