Sunday, May 20, 2007

Oscar was a young otter...

...and Brooklyn doesn't like to hear about him. Every time I try to read her Oscar the Otter, my favorite children's book, she says, "Noooooo," whilst shaking her little noggan. Brooklyn empasizes her negative replies by holding the note. From a quick "no" one can't really infer she's not cool with something, since she says no pretty much to everything. However from a long drawn-out "noooooooooo" you know she really doesn't like something. One of her little quirks.

Anyway, Brookers is in Utah. Brittiny left her there with Mom and Dad and flew home to CT. We hear that Brooklyn has really been enjoying herself on her extended stay and extra time spent with all her Gparents, Aunts/Uncles and cousins. That said, Brittiny and I are really missing her and anxious for her safe return on Wednesday. That said, we're having a really nice time w/o her, though I hate to admit it. We've been able to accomplish a lot this past week and SLEEP a decent stretch as well. It only took us about 40 mins to be ready for church, a record in the post-Brooklyn era.

Here are a bunch of pics that we've been meaning to post. Enjoy... or, if you're think we're an ugly family, don't enjoy.

Brooklyn in New Hay Hay's Wooster square. She got tired chasing around lots of squirrels. If you remember, we got no deal with the squirrels!

Brookers standing at the top of her li'l tikes slide, sporting a Sundress courtesy of the Boofay Ltd. summer collection.

Brooklyn standing in from of our Apt, looking at something. Sometimes she looks to me like a miniature teenager.

Here is Brookers and me, moments after I arrive home from work. Seriously, better than anythin in this world is her shouting "Dah-dee!" as she runs toward me with her little outstretched arms.

OOOOhhhhh, I almost forgot. My friend, Phil, introduced me to a really great newer singer/songwriter: Paolo Nutini. Definitely chk out this video of him singing my personal fav, These Streets.