Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Buncha old pics I never posted...

... so check them out and feel free to leave bawdy comments at the bottom. Kellie Redman, I'm thinking specifically of you:

Brooklyn, Brittiny and our Christmas tree. Yeah, it's April, so we should probably take that tree down. But if we wait long enough it'll be closer to Christmas '07 than '06, so we can just leave it up, right?

For an Epperson family Christmas tradition we're going to build a, I mean, gingerbread house as part of an FHE activity. The above picture is the first installment of said tradition. Brooklyn loved it because she got to eat a lot of candy. How much candy, you ask? Her dukie that night smelled of peppermint.

Brooklyn will someday be a double-fisted drinker. For now, it's double-fisting the binkies...

This is the evening I got back from London/India. Brooklyn was so sweet to me, she kept yelling "DAH-DEE, DAH-DEE!!" and running around the living room.

Brooklyn in her Indian digs. She looks really cute in this outfit, kindly purchased for her by Sushila Pradhan of UBS, Hyderabad branch. Once the weather gets a little warmer, we'll dress up Brooklyn and take her to the DQ for a nice dinner.

So one Sunday afternoon after church Brooklyn and I surprised Mom by visiting her at the Hospital. Well, we took over some lunch and played around in the lobby area waiting for her to come down to eat. Brooklyn took to running in circles around the large fountain centrally located in the lobby. I ran around with her. At one point, she became a little dizzy and sort of fell backwards into the fountain. She was shocked: the water was cold! I reached into the fountain and pulled out my baby girl, soaked from head to foot and sporting a now 11 lb. diaper. Brittiny was surprised when she came downstairs to find the two of us--me in church clothes and Brooklyn working that nostalgic hospital baby blanket look. On the bright side, we eventually got this sweet Yale New Haven Hospital t-shirt from one of the Ped's nurses. Brittiny doesn't let me watch Brooklyn alone any more.

Here's a pic of Sheree and Brooklyn when they went snowmobiling. Baby car seats look really funny strapped to snowmobiles. Wait, I think they went sledding.

Brooklyn and Henry are down with Baby NCMO, and this picture is the proof.