Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's been a while...

since we last blogged. No real changes with us. Brittiny and I have divided time between our kids & Matlock reruns on Lifetime. All is well, no complaints.

Brittiny had to bribe Brooklyn to let her snap some pics. She's growing up so fast. Before I know it I'll be time to go pawnshopping for a shotgun.

Braden is now old enough to fore-go the nightly milk. Instead he and Brookers now share a pre-bedtime protein shake.

Brooklyn & her Pre-school pals made Rice Krispie treats. Little Andrew, in the green smock, always finds excuses to give Brooklyn a hug. He always finds her at church and invents excuses to get close to her. The day he breaks out some Li'l Buckaroo cologne it's gonna be curtains for the whole group Pre-school experiment.

A few months back we had a couple of big snowstorms. The kids loved playing in the snow. I couldn't get the kids to come inside, so I lied and said I saw a snow-snake. It worked to get them back in the house. Uncle Don also sprinted to the front door as well.

Bear playing with Nina. I think Nina gets frustrated with Bear's weak throwing arm. I've noticed that as the tennis ball duties have naturally been abdicated to grandchildren Nina has grown increasingly 'hippy'.

Brooklyn with gal pal Avery. Those two were like a couple of long lost teen girl squad members reunited.

Bear is growing up too fast, too. Time for another baby!