Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Election Night...

Tonight my eldest son and I were awake to witness much of the Election results from the comfy confines of our Seattle area home. He had a lot of questions about the electoral map, candidates, views, the voting process, World War III, the Senate, Trump's treatment of women, my vote, Mom's vote, Hillary's health, etc. I enjoyed answering his many, many questions - he was mesmerized tonight to either watch some history unfold or just stay up late on a school night, eyes bright with interest and innocence.

At one point - while explaining briefly the different roles the  Executive and Legislative branches occupy - I paused for a long time to consider the beauty and simplicity of James Madison's vision for our structured government; this great Republic that derives its powers from the consent of the governed. The legislative-executive-judicial tug-of-war that George Will once described as "built for safety, not speed", was actually borrowed by Madison from the French philosopher, Montisquieu, who, among other quotable theses, wrote: “There can be no liberty where the legislative and executive powers are united in the same person, or body of magistrates… if the power of judging be not separated from the legislative and executive powers”.

So... Donald Trump. He will ride into office cloaked in GOP adjectives 'conservative' and 'Republican' but with little understanding of what these descriptives mean. His knowledge of the mechanics of the government are poor. His temperament is irresolute and he treats others with an unnerving disdain. He never considered serving in the military but now will command the world's greatest and most complicated military force.

Tonight's election result is so, so strange. When Obama was chosen over McCain I was comforted that the Presidency is - by design - a weak office. Today, I take similar solace in the belief that this truly is a nation of laws and not men - and there is hope that we can defeat what Lincoln deemed our only real foe: the "silent artillery of time".

Oh, and little man only made it through half of my musings before he zonked out...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Give my regards to...

...a sweaty, ABC gum-covered auditorium in Parsippany, New Jersey.

After 9 months in tap/ballet Brooklyn's long-awaited performance had arrived. Roughly a thousand bucks and 40 trips to class ended with a bunch of parents pulling themselves away from the couch to don their best mustard-stained WWE paraphernalia and watch kids lunge about a creaky high school stage for 2 hours. Anticipation hung in the air, palpable like Brut cologne, which also hung in the air since 50% of the Fathers kept an extra bottle in the glove compartment of the Fiero for 'special occasions'.

Brooklyn's class, a gaggle of Pre-K giggling girls, tap-danced to Annie's 'You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile'. It was really cute, but lasted all of 80 seconds. 80 fetching seconds - here, take my money.

In all seriousness, it was a cute performance and the girl in the middle really was the best. ;)

It's what you wear from ear to ear, and not from head to toe...

That matters...

Sheree recently told Bear "we'll water the plants tomorrow, tomorrow" - to which he replied "I luv ya, tomorrow...", attempting to complete the Annie ditty.

At Brooklyn's practice recital the week before the performance, here is Braden looking mad because he spent the day in a sort of all-day rolling time-out. This kid really can flip the switch from "ruly" to "unruly" to "beyond Thunderdome" in a matter of minutes.

Instead of using his words to let us know he's done with the Cinnamon Toast Crunch, he thinks it's just hi-larious to dump the bowl on his head. Actually, he thinks any mess that someone else has to clean up is hilarious.

Brittiny and I have Birthdays a week apart, so Nano
blesses our house with the Twin Abes come June. Wow, another Bday.

But I don't need Nano's thoughtful fin to realize that I am old.

The other day I spent 20 minutes looking for the Icy Hot, then proceeded to blame my prolonged search on the kids having 'gotten into my stuff'.

Who does that sound like, Dad???

Monday, May 17, 2010

Teach your children well...

... to do as you say, not as you do. Otherwise you risk a child exposing, in you, the moral hazard oft-cited in connection with government programs and the mafia.

Exhibit A:

"No candy, honey, we eat good things because they help us stay healthy and keep our bodies strong."
The 4 year-old daughter
"Then you need to eat more good things, fat-boy."
"Brooklyn, remember that in the course of justice, none of us should see salvation. We do pray for mercy. And that same prayer doth teach us all to render the deeds of mercy."
The 4 year-old daughter
"Dad, I have some good news and some bad news. The really bad news is that you are getting fat. Well, I don't really have any good news."

Stiff upper lip and all while your child argues her way out of a teachable moment and reveals your dichotomic actions - without even taking her attention away from Wow Wow Wubbzy - then nuzzle up to some Chubby Hubby, Chubby Hubby.

Picture of Bear-Bear on the cusp of "being up to no good". He has this look that makes you compulsively recount all the Sharpies in the kitchen drawer and sit straining your ears to listen for the gentle trickle of running water somewhere in the house.

Brittiny was craving Baja's, a Mexican food joint in CT one Saturday morning, and Pregnant Wife gets what Pregnant Wife wants: a trip to the ol' stomping grounds and authentic guacamole. Here we walked along the Waste Haven boardwalk.

Brittiny and Brookers in Wooster Park. We had to pay Brooklyn $5 to get her to smile.

The kids and I are petting a very friendly chocolate lab mix. His name was Unconditional Surrender.

Bear playing in Wooster Park. I like this picture 'cause he looks like a little dude.

Now he's hanging around.

Brooklyn looking beautiful and sweet. How I'll miss these days when she's somewhere between age 10 and How-Ever-Old-Kellie-is-Right-Now.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

The erosion of bedtime stories in the Epperson household...

is nearly complete. Time was I would bring elaborate plot-lines and character-specific voices into the evening storytelling. Subtly I would lead Brooklyn, wide-eyed, through a world of grotesque monsters, angelic princesses and involved social situations. The plot-lines were complicated and imaginative (think Dexter) and the action intense (think Remo Williams). But, sadly, I realize that the situation has somehow changed.

To wit, here is a portion from Brookers' favorite bedtime story 2 years ago:

"...the Prince rode his horse swiftly up the winding stone path toward Maleficent's dark castle perched atop the jagged peaks of the Devil's Backbone, the steed's hooves producing sharp metronomic clicks that scattered into the still night. The brave Prince Phillip slipped his hand down toward the glowing Sword of Truth and closed his fingers around its leather-wrapped handle. The cold steel grew warm to his touch, a pale blue light eking out from the edges of the scabbard..."

I used to care. I used to watch Brooklyn's reaction to every line of the story. She would pull the covers up to right under her nose when Maleficent were in a scene, beam when I described Aurora dancing with her Prince, and squirm (but also ask for me to repeat the details) when they finally smooched.

Here's what she and Braden got last night:

" the Prince was like, hey, how come we have this report running in UAT but no requirements were drawn up? And then the evil co-worker was like: Oh, didn't you see that e-mail - it went out to the whole kingdom?

And then the Prince went home and his Princess was all: make me some nachos - now the cheese is too bubbled, how long did you nuke these - do everything I say - is that your wet towel on the bed - I'm pregnant - hang that shelf in the laundry room."

Yeah, I can only imagine how little effort I'll put forward with #3.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's been a while...

since we last blogged. No real changes with us. Brittiny and I have divided time between our kids & Matlock reruns on Lifetime. All is well, no complaints.

Brittiny had to bribe Brooklyn to let her snap some pics. She's growing up so fast. Before I know it I'll be time to go pawnshopping for a shotgun.

Braden is now old enough to fore-go the nightly milk. Instead he and Brookers now share a pre-bedtime protein shake.

Brooklyn & her Pre-school pals made Rice Krispie treats. Little Andrew, in the green smock, always finds excuses to give Brooklyn a hug. He always finds her at church and invents excuses to get close to her. The day he breaks out some Li'l Buckaroo cologne it's gonna be curtains for the whole group Pre-school experiment.

A few months back we had a couple of big snowstorms. The kids loved playing in the snow. I couldn't get the kids to come inside, so I lied and said I saw a snow-snake. It worked to get them back in the house. Uncle Don also sprinted to the front door as well.

Bear playing with Nina. I think Nina gets frustrated with Bear's weak throwing arm. I've noticed that as the tennis ball duties have naturally been abdicated to grandchildren Nina has grown increasingly 'hippy'.

Brooklyn with gal pal Avery. Those two were like a couple of long lost teen girl squad members reunited.

Bear is growing up too fast, too. Time for another baby!