Saturday, April 15, 2006

"What you gonna do with all that junk, all that junk inside your diaper?"...

Yeah, nothing like a little Black Eyed Peas to get y'all going... now on to the East Coast Epperson updates:

  • Brittiny and li'l Brookers are flying out to Utah for 2 weeks beginning the first of May. Brittiny is excited to see the fams, nephews, neice and take a few hikes outdoors. Dad is excited b/c he'll be able to avoid 3 hrs on the road each day as he stays in a friend's Apartment in Stamford, about 500 yards from the office.
  • Dad, Mom and Brooklyn will fly out to Utah again for one week to see Miss Kellie tie the knot with Sir Joseph. And the question on everyone's mind: will Kellie wear a shanga (see the white clogging slip kellie wore with every outfit for two years in the mid-'80's) underneath her wedding dress?
  • Brooklyn is now fluent in both zrrbert and gibberish. If you don't know what zrrbert sounds like, the language is a close cousin of the sound horses make when they fart.
  • Brittiny starts her internship year June 12th. She's excited. She wants a better grasp on medicine. She's pumped for gradumacation.

Okay, so that's pretty much all for an update.... now the pics o'Brooklyn (How much o'Keefe is in this movie anyway...?)

Here's a picture of Brooklyn wrapped in a blanky. What (we think) makes this pic so funny is that she wouldn't look @ the camera b/c Baby Einstein was playing.

Screaming Henry is getting so cute and big. Here he and Brooklyn are enjoying a date in the living room.

Mom and Brookers enjoyed a beautiful afternoon in Central Park. Here you can see them on the Great Lawn. What's so great about it? Scott's Turfbuilder, that's what...

Brooklyn is a great multi-tasker already. She can laugh in your face while filling her diaper. In fact, I think that's why she's laughing to begin with.