Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"I'n to watch da Bee Mobie, Daddy..."

That's pretty much all Brooker-Boo says these days. Kudos to Jerry Seinfeld for making such a great kids show. It's way better than Finding Nemo and the characters far less objectionable.

Last week we had a nice visit from the Nonny. What is a Nonny, you might ask? She's like a nanny who works for free and bakes cookies 6 dozen at a time.

We took her to Sea World, which was pretty cool. Proud to be an American as I peeled off the Benjamins to pay for 14 dollar bags of popcorn slurpees in commemorative Shamu mugs. The mugs are made from non-biodegradable plastic, so they'll stay with you about as long as the crippling debt you incur to see a bunch of fish.

Here's Brittiny peeking out from under her rain slicker. The rain slicker is to protect her in case Shamu spews anchovies into the crowd.

Here's Shamu VII jumping out of her spacious 64 cu ft seawater tank. I'm amazed that people can train a Killer Whale to corkscrew, splash the crowd on command and dance the "Macarena", but I can't get a 2 year-old to use the freaking toilet. I bet the trainers could write a mad potty-training book.

Here Brooklyn is touching her first Sea Star -- Nonny helping her out. She said the star felt like "boogers".

Nonny, Brookers and me leaving Sea World.

After SeaWorld we stopped at the San Diego temple. It's a beautiful temple, but crawling with Mormons.

We traveled to Utah a few weeks ago for baby Hailey's blessing, staying the first night West of Ogden in Plain City. Here Brooklyn played on Granpa's swingset. Even though it was 15 degrees outside and she was sans coat, we couldn't get her off the swing. She had a great time visiting her cousins and Gpa's.

Here is Brooklyn mid-swing.

Driving back to Utah, somewhere around Mesquite, Brookers fell asleep. I asked Brittiny to put her sunglasses on her as the sun was in her eyes. Brittiny did so, then asked me if I wanted to watch, Weekend at Bernie's. Weird, I was just thinking the same thing.

Brooklyn helped me wash the cars last Saturday. She obediently rinsed the front of the car for about 3 seconds and then turned the hose on me, laughing so hard the whole time she could barely hold onto the hose. She would then attempt to coax me back within hosing range, smiling, "Daddy, come a oba here so I'n to do it washa car!" I would slowly approach the car and before I was even in range she would be smiling and laughing at the thought of soaking me with the hose. When I got close enough, she would swing the nozzle toward me and start convulsing in laughter shaking the nozzle all around, getting herself very wet in the process. Kids are so cute.

Well, that's it for now. More pics to come at a later date.