Sunday, January 29, 2006

Brooklyn Loves Golf....

So the biggest news that we have is that Brooklyn is a huge fan of the PGA Tour. This does Daddy, Grandpa and Aaron very proud. She's watching Tiger in a playoff with Joe Mary Olazabal. Right now Tiger is bellying up for a chance at a 4th Buick Championship. Oh! He yanked it left! Well, he's human.

Actually, we have some bigger news. This last week we introduced Brooklyn to rice cereal:

Brooklyn: Well, hello rice cereal. How are you today?

Rice Cereal: Oh, I'm just fine, Brookers. Are you ready to mix me with formula and eat up?

Brooklyn: Well, actually I'm considering just pushing you around with my tongue, then maybe sticking the rest of you up my nose. You down with that, Rice Cereal?

Since Brooklyn has begun eating solids her diaper bombs have gone from backyard sparkler to Bikini Atoll. Seriously, she didn't blast for a whole day then unloaded about 4 quarts into a 1/2 quart capacity diaper. When we shimmied her out of her first layer of clothes it was like pulling apart a bologna mustard sandwich. We had to throw her clothes inthe incinerator. Oh, and thanks for the warning on this one, Mom and Dad. Really, bang up job preparing the troops for battle. ;)

I'm posting some new pics of Brooklyn below. Enjoy...

Brooklyn's Nursery...

Brooklyn's Nursery... Shelf: Ikea. Picture Frames: Ikea. Crib: by Buffy, from Utah.

Brooklyn introduced to solid foods... I mean, my hoodie drawstrings.

This is Tauna and Screaming Henry. He's not much of a screamer anymore, and is a very charming baby. He kinda likes Brooklyn and allows her to play big monkey, little monkey w/his eyebrows.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


Well, we're back to CT after our week trip to Utah. The trip was nice. It was wonderful to see everyone and especially to get to see our nephews and nieces. Oh, and it was nice to see all you older people, too. Our flight out of SLC was oversold, so we got shuffled from United onto a Delta flight. The flight was direct to Hartford, which was great. Brooklyn was an angel on the flight, too. Our luggage was still on our original flight, tho, so we had to wait for our luggage. Plus I couldn't find our car in the long term lot. There are fetchin' 6 long term lots plus our car was covered in 10 inches of snow. Brittiny doesn't know this, but I spent like 20 minutes with the Shuttle guy trying to find our car. I was getting really nervous until I saw Delicate Arch peeking out from behind the snow.

Hey guys, check out my new tennies!

"No Officer, I swear... only two glasses of milk... honest."

"Okay, you got me... 3 glasses of milk, but I'm totally sober."