Tuesday, May 06, 2008

20,000 leagues in a Chrysler Town & Country...

...well, so long as those leagues translate into roughly 3,400 miles. We 3 B's drove to Utah a week ago, then with Nonny & Poppa continued on to Portland Oregon for some R&R. The trip was fun and devoid of drama.

Two weeks earlier I flew to CT for work and Brittiny + Brookers spent the weekend there with me. It was fun to drive up to New Haven on the weekend to see so many friends from New Hay Hay and the Woodbridge Ward. Good times.

Now the pics...

Here Brooklyn tends to our scant Yuma garden. She prefers a spray bottle over the more traditional watering can.

We died Easter eggs this year.

Here Brooklyn finds an Easter egg on the back porch. With each egg she found she was equal parts of elation and surprise. Maybe I'm just cynical, but at some point I expected the novelty of finding plastic eggs around the house and backyard to fade. Nope.

Here are Mom and Brookers being all chic in NYC. If you can't tell from the pictures, Brittiny is about a month away from giving birth. Brooklyn insisted on keeping her new shades on all day long, even when the sun wasn't shining or we were in the car.
Brooklyn asked us every 10 minutes, "Do you like my new sunglasses? Are they beautiful?"

In NYC there is a huge Toys R Us. The place is pretty cool, with a large ferris wheel in the middle of the 6 stories of toys. The store gets old when you realize that it's just a big toy store, same as in your local mall, and your wife and daughter are both asking you for your wallet.

This is Brooklyn's reaction to the Toys R Us ferris wheel. Man, were the rest of us bored on this thing! Whoever invented the ferris wheel, I'm guessing Ferris Buehler, had quite the racket going. It's like riding an escalator, except you get off in the same place you got on - a zero sum endeavor. What crap. At least with State Fair ferris wheel's there's the excitement of wondering, "Hey, I might get injured on this thing."

Here Brooklyn swings in Central Park. She loved the newly renovated kids part in the SW corner. It was pretty cool.

Even with all the excitement the City has to offer, 2 year-olds bore easily (yawn)!

Nonny and Poppa in front of the Columbia River Gorge, just outside of Portland, OR. This view was fantastic.

Here's Brittiny and me in front of the same backdrop.

Upper Multinomah Falls, pretty darn cool. Definitely worth checking out if your in Portland.

Here we are cheesing for the camera. In front of lower Multinomah falls.