Saturday, July 09, 2005

"I want my baby back, baby back, baby back..."

So in a period of about 17 hours my sweet wife asked twice to hit up Chili's for some baby back ribs. I didn't even think she liked Chili's, but we went there yesterday and again today. Can you say 'cravings?' Brittiny has not really had any other cravings. She eats healthy stuff for the most part. But lately she's been in this weird rib craze. Personally, I'm not a fan of MSG laden BBQ, but my wife can't seem to get enough of it. I hope that MSG is not teratogenic (that's a fancy medical word for harmful to the fetus).

We had an ultrasound on Friday. The ultrasound went well, except for the sticky gel that the Tech lathered all over Brittiny's clothes. Seriously, I didn't see the point of smearing that stuff on every inch of her shirt, unless of course you were trying for some kind of wet t-shirt ultrasound thingy... But everything went really well. Brooklyn currently packs a walloping 5.3 lbs. That's pretty good. On the ultrasound we could see the fat rolls on her neck. Brittiny and I had been really concerned that Brittiny's tummy hadn't gotten big enough. Actually, we weren't concerned until her appointment a week ago where the OB measured her tummy and said "Hmmmm, I think that you should be bigger." Brittiny was dismayed because, to her, she looked like she ate an airplane flotation raft and then pulled the ripcord. To say the least, we're both relieved.

There was some cause for concern with the ultrasound, however. Brooklyn is obviously a very hot baby. All the other guy babies are sure to be "Who is that hot baby? How bout like you come on over and chill at my crib?" Jared Olson (see can surely attest to the dangers of having a hot chick baby. I'm simply not prepared for this.

Oh, we also noticed on the ultrasound that Brooklyn has Brittiny's high-arched feed, and my hobbit-toes. This is a tremendously bad combination. Brittiny had said while looking at our bare feet at the beach last week, "There's no chance in hell she's getting attractive feet." Yesterday's ultrasound confirmed our fears.

Everyone give a shout out to the Buffmeister who had a birthday today. Yes, she received her "Happy Birthday Mr. President" phone call, all the way from CT.

That's all for us this week...

the Eppersons